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Osteopathy in the UK is a drug free, hands on physical therapy.


Fundamentally, the aim of Osteopathic treatment is to promote the body’s own self healing and self regulating mechanisms so that balance is restored. 


We use a range of treatments depending on your age and individual needs:

Cricklade Osteopaths

​​Every treatment is individually planned depending on how you present at any particular appointment. Some people don’t like the ‘clicking’ of joints so we discuss this preference and tailor the treatment accordingly.

In keeping with the principles of Osteopathy we aim to treat the cause as well as the symptoms. We will always clearly explain our examination findings and approach to your treatment, and encourage you to feel involved at every step towards your recovery. ​


Cricklade Osteopaths

There are two types of Acupuncture.  In Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, (TCA) needles are placed all over the body to influence energy pathways within the body.

The other is called Western Medical Acupuncture (or dry needling) and it is this branch of Acupuncture Kelly Haines uses.


Western Medical Acupuncture is used alongside Osteopathic treatment, unlike TCA which is a standalone treatment.


Acupuncture needles are carefully placed directly into the area of pain or tension and left in for several minutes. 

There are several ways it is thought this can help:

  • Decreasing tension within the area being treated

  • Increasing blood flow to the tissues stimulating new cell growth and tissue repair

  • Decreasing the neurological messaging responsible for inflammation and pain

  • Blocking the pain signals back and fore to the brain (pain gate theory)

  • Releasing our own natural painkillers such as endorphins



Ultrasound is a very gentle treatment that uses soundwaves to penetrate the skin in order to promote tissue repair and healing.  A small probe is placed on the skin and the soundwaves are carried via a water based gel deep into the tissues below.  This is particularly effective for:


  • Ligament sprains

  • Tendon injuries

  • Muscle tears

  • Calming inflammation

  • Promotion of bone fracture healing

  • Breakdown of problematic scar tissue

  • Very painful areas of the body that may not tolerate soft tissue massage

Cricklade Osteopaths
Cricklade Osteopaths


Sports taping is a way of supporting tissues after a treatment without restricting movement.  Flexible tape is applied to the affected area to support the tissues and allow continued healing to take place, while giving you more freedom of movement than using (for example) a back brace or knee brace.

sports taping
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